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Congress passed the new PPPFA to make it easier for small businesses to obtain forgiveness on their PPP loans.  They made many significant changes to the rules by extending the period to use the money, decreasing the about to be use for payroll costs and many other changes that will benefit all businesses.

Click here to get some of your questions answered and see how the new rules differ from the original rules.  For more information always contact one of The Shnider Group LLC members at info@4ylogc.wcbzw.com

View the NEW PPP Forgiveness Application for sole proprietors and sub-contractors Click here to view Application

Online business training - Starting a business

Starting A Business

The Shnider Group will help you develop a customer/benefit driven Business Plan

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Building a Customer Base

The Shnider Group will help you understand your market and its environment.


Cash Management

The Shnider Group will help you to uncover the hidden cash that is in your profit.



The Shnider Group will help your company understand and develop value-added benefits that attract high-level personnel

Online business training - Growth management

Growth Management

The Shnider Group will help you understand your cash needs and requirements to finance growth

Online business training - Tax and financial management strategies

Tax and Financial Management

The Shnider group will help with your tax preparation and consultation


We put it all together for you. The skills, knowledge and training to help decrease your risk of failure. Our culture is all about EDUCATION-EDUCATION-EDUCATION. We integrate useful real-world, hands- on, and sensible learning combined with the understanding of the theories, principles, concepts and philosophies to aid in helping the small business grow.

Our Advantage = Your Advantage

We put the entrepreneur first

We make the content relevant and usable

We put the practical into learning

We put the concepts and ideas into action

We put the learning into applied understanding and knowledge


“The DICS Assessment process was insightful and meaningful from a personal and professional perspective. Understanding your adapted (work) and natural behavioral styles and the factors that influence or motivate these styles is immensely beneficial.  Applying the knowledge and insight obtained from this exercise can result in a more productive working relationship with your co-workers in addition to assisting a person interested in their own professional development. Russ and Neil Shnider made the process rewarding and educational. The synergy in their co-presentation kept the group engaged, enlightened and entertained throughout the process. I would highly recommend this to any organization or business that is interested in personalTurbo Basic下载|Turbo Basic官方下载-太平洋下载中心:2021-6-2 · Turbo Basic 1.1 是 DOS 时伕优秀的 Basic 语言 编程工具,可编译成 EXE 可执行文件,老前辈伔用它编出了很多优秀程序。这是本人很早众前做的一个汉化 ...

Statement by Fred Richards, Vice President Community Services, Goodwill Industries of SW Florida


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Thank you so much for all your help. Your analysis and the notes you added were VERY important in us making a final decision.


Thanks for your Help in making our decision

Neil I just want to take this opportunity thank you for all that you have done to help Helayne and me with our business venture Chesterdales. The time and effort that you have put into this is extraordinary. Your immediate response to our needs and your accessibility is so greatly appreciated. Lastly I want to thank you for the guidance you’ve given with regard to taking Chesterdales in a new direction. Your expertise and wisdom is invaluable  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Craig Frankel, Owner

Great Job Neil from the team at Chesterdales

Hi Neil,

I just wanted to update you on my progress. Your P&L closed the deal for me……thank you. I am now approved for help through Florida’s Hardest Hit Fund.

Vista Key Real Estate, LLC.

Vista Key Real Estate

“The services of Florida SBDC at FGCU have provided our new construction company with the essential tools and guidance needed to get started doing business, specifically in the area of accounting / bookkeeping. We received timely, accurate, and professional advice on selecting the right software and in employing the right practices to manage and report our business finances. Even without a background in accounting, the services that we received from SBDC made it clear and easy for us to do our own bookkeeping. We are tremendously thankful for these services, especially for the attention and guidance we received from Neil Shnider who responded to our questions and needs in such a timely fashion and who was able to meet with us after business hours to accommodate to our schedule. Kudos to Neil!”

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Bookkeeping and Consulting Services

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Martin Pahnke, MAS
SWFL Marketing Group

A Great Experience with The Shnider Group LLC

I was very impressed by your presentation in the Flying Solo seminar. So much so, that I would like you to participate on a larger scale in a law office management seminar in both Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio.

Ohio CLE Institute

Neil Shnider has been a participant in the Small Business Development Center, Ohio Department of Development, Certified Business Analyst Program since 1995. His participation has been invaluable. His topic of expertise, within our certified seminars has been in the area of marketing, cash flow, pricing and entrepreneurship.Neils delivery is both stimulating and dynamic…” he keeps the attention, interest and participation of the audience. Neil is different… he is approachable, knowledgeable both academically and practically

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Neil Shnider, MBA, CPA, has been appointed to the Huntington Adjunct Chair in Banking. He is the first person to hold this chair and his appointment is effective fall 1997. His involvement in using technology, to assist the learning experiences of our MBA students; his success in creating, managing and operating successful small businesses; and his familiarity and association with the banking/finance community in Columbus are welcomed to the Huntington appointment.

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Jerre Bess

Thank you so much for the intelligent and useful presentation you made at the Ohio Library Councils conference for public branch library managers. Our members are often skeptical of the ability of presenters from outside the profession to understand and speak to their needs. But from the comments on their evaluation sheets, it was obvious that you overcame that barrier.

Wayne Piper, Director of Professional Development

I simply want to thank you for setting Entech up with Neil Shnider.  Each session is better than the last and it’s remarkable the amount of progress we are steadily making. We’re still far from being “out of trouble” but without a doubt, we can see light at the end of the tunnel (and I’m certain it’s not a locomotive)!  We are addressing every aspect of our business and involving each Team Member.  Neil’s knowledge is remarkable and his ability to pick up on every detail is uncanny. What a worthwhile involvement and I thank you and Neil personally and the SBDC in general for the great assistance.

Martin Haas, 兔子 turbo 加速器

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It’s hard to quantify what exact affect the changes that we implemented had… but I do believe that without them; our aggressive expansion into Collier County, the effort we put into the website, the mailing program and the readjustment of o/p on select product… my company likely wouldn’t be here… (at least in this form).  We in fact have seen a marked increase in proposals sent out; upwards of 50% more and the fiscal hemorrhaging that we were experiencing has ceased. 

Our gross income may in fact be on the upswing from last year and for the first time in 6 years! We have also managed to higher back one of our supervisors so that we now have two small crews working.Since our summer was so good, we high hopes for this winter season.  We’re also very optimistic that our margins will soon increase to the point that we will be “somewhat” back to normal function.  I know that doesn’t sound like much… but it is an enormous relief to all of us here. (Especially me!)  Please keep up the good work! Thank you Neil!

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As the owner of Lahaina Island Accommodations, I have been working with Neil Shnider since April 2011.  Like many small business owners, due to financial and resource constraints, we are immersed in the day-to-day activities of our business and don’t spend enough time working on the business.  This occurs for two primary reasons, (1) the organizational structure of our business is flat; we have been unable to locate and hire management-level employees to oversee the daily business activities and (2) high turnover due to a transient work force.

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 Neil is always accessible, literally at all hours of the day and night.  There is no challenge that we have thrown his way where he has been unwilling to work as our peer.  His input on everything from budgeting to employee compensation changes have been valuable and instrumental in decisions important to our business.

 I am thankful for this new SBDC program and highly recommend that it be continued so that others may benefit from it as we have.  As a small business we do not have the financial resources to evaluate and subsequently employ expertise such as Neil’s without the help of the SBDC. 

 I personally want to thank Neil Shnider for his involvement in my business.  He has made a difference and for that I am truly grateful.

Barbara Garfold, green加速器

I am thankful that Kelly sent me a link to your article. Your message resonated in that we, the Florida SBDC Network, needs to put our future marketing focus on the problems we solve and the impact that create for our customer and stakeholder base. Well done!

Michael W. Myhre, Florida SBDC Network State Office UWF, Office of Economic Development and Engagement


Thank you so much for your time and expertise.  I learned so much from you in such a short amount of time and feel our time was very productive and will have a positive impact on my business for many years to come.

Thank you! Warmly, Sheryl (Soukup Strategic Solutions)

August 2024

Sheryl Soukup, Soukup Strategic Solutions




Are you experiencing any of these issues?

Your revenues are falling?

Your costs are rising?

Your profits are declining?

Your Cash flow is becoming a problem?

Your customers are taking too long to pay you?

You have fewer new customers walking in the door?

兔子 turbo 加速器Your Inventory is growing and cash is shrinking?

You’ve lost focus of your business?

Your customers needs are changing?

Competition is getting tougher and your customers are going elsewhere?





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